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Our flagship project and winner of neumerous local and regional awards. With over half a million registered users and close to a billion games played, the project is a social gaming platform that can be played from any internet connected device.

Users can enjoy playing Kout, Balot, Hand, Trix, and many more card games that are familiar to our region. Users also win great prizes throughout the year by competing in the neumerous challenges and tournaments offered by our gracious sponsor which include:

  • Telecom Companies like Zain, Wataniya, and Viva
  • Banks such as NBK and Gulf Bank.
  • Others such as Cinescape, AlGhanim Motors, Goal fields, and more.

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VPN On Demand

With over 150K registrations, VPNoD is the largest VPN service provider in the region with customers from around the world. Protect your public internet connection and maintain your privacy by using any of our PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN offerings.

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Organize soccer matches and get everyone to the soccer match on time. This project is still under development but we hope it will take away the pain associated with organizing soccer matches.

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